About our company

Peek-a-boo brings to you an entirely new and progressive child daycare facility to give your kids the love and concern that only a mother can provide and education that is best suited for the tiny inquisitive minds. Peek-a-boo is a never-before experience for your tiny tots and a hassle free life for young parents who can concentrate in building their careers.

The educational conceptualization of Peek-a-boo is based on the world renowned Japanese unconventional elementary education specialist Sosaku Kobayashi’s ideology of freedom of expression. As the child explore and discover new things at every step, our aim is to encourage this sense of inquisitiveness and let them develop their natural self, imbibing qualities of self-confidence, independence as well as compassion which is a challenge in the technology driven world


Peek-a-boo is born out of the belief that a woman can have it all – a fulfilling career and happy, healthy children. While you are on a journey of success, we ensure that your child embarks on a journey of joy.

Our mission is to let children be children while giving them a safe and beautiful environment where they can learn to share, care and be healthy individuals. All the while the parents can work with the faith that their child is not missing out on anything that they could have provided.

Management Team

Prerona Parasar

Prerona once a working mother, having worked in MNC’s in Delhi aspires to let mothers attain the satisfaction that their precious little ones are in safe hands when they are working.  Her ambition is to develop an education system that is more about experiences and freedom to let children be themselves. She has a corporate experience of 12 years handling various profiles, her last assignment was with Bharti Airtel Ltd where she worked as a Communication Head for NESA circle. Prerona’s encourages woman to join back their work and never let anything be an impediment to their dreams.

Dr Partha Pratim Bora

Dr Partha is the Head of Paediatrics at Pratiksha Hospital, Guwahati. An expert in child behaviour, education and all-round development, his balanced fortitude brings to Peek-a-boo’s parent’s emotional strength. He feels that an independent child is also a healthy child and feels that there is no compromises when it comes to child’s development.



Subhashish has been working in the education sector for almost 6 years now. Currently associated with New Look Academy, Sivasagar, where he is responsible for providing educational guidance and assistance for students by planning schedules, recommending courses and determining appropriate education solutions for different types of students.

Formerly Subhashish has worked as a quality control and improvement analyst with WNS Global Services Pvt Ltd for 5 years.


Nasrin Sultana is a journalist based out of Mumbai. Born and raised in Assam, she has immense love for her home-state and dreams of putting North East in the global map one day. She is known for identifying growth opportunities, and experiments and test new ideas. She has been actively working in the social service sector since 2003. She also makes documentaries and short films on women and child rights issues for NGOs to help fund raising in international platforms. She is a photography enthusiast. She is a post graduate in human rights and journalism.

BORNALI BORAH – Family Counsellor and Parent Coach

Bornali brings to Peekaboo extensive knowledge from her post graduate studies and work experience in Australia. Bornali is heavily involved in shaping Peekaboo’s curriculum so that there is adequate focus on developing children’s social and emotional intelligence and on developing children’s independence and resilience. Now more than ever, our children need these skills to adjust and adapt to our rapidly changing world. Bornali also conducts parenting workshops that Peekaboo organises for its in-house parents.


Affectionate and charismatic, Pinakshi comes with 17 years of practical experience of working with children in some of the most renowned schools in the city. She believes children should be provided opportunities for exploration and discovery in a supportive and enriching environment based on their interests through a self-guided curriculum. Basis her experience she believes that children are interdependent and it is vitally important to work in partnership with their families and the wider community to foster and promote the development of the whole child.