Little minds are like sponge that absorbs all that is around. We have a unique way of encouraging children to become life-long learners and individuals capable of making judicious decisions. The educational conceptualization of Peek-a-boo is based on the world renowned Japanese unconventional elementary education specialist Sosaku Kobayashi’s ideology of freedom of expression. As the child explores and discovers new things at every step, our aim is to ensure that this sense of inquisitiveness and let them develop their natural self, imbibing qualities of self-confidence, independence as well as compassion which is a challenge in the technology driven world. We have an adaptive and flexible approach for learning which revolves around ideas, interests and choices made by the children themselves.

We guide them on the road to discovery with approved research-based standards and assessments along six developmental domains:

Language and Literacy Development, Executive Function, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development and Wellness, Cognitive Development, Creative Expression

Curious Tots  (Playgroup)

Age: 2 year onwards
Timings: 9am to 12:30pm

When your child is all over the place, they’re discovering their world. Toddlers learn best in safe, loving places where they can explore, in their own way. The activities for this age group are built around toddlers’ limitless curiosity and their natural desire to push boundaries. The activities are planned to promote growth in cognitive, literary, logical and social skills and help the toddler grow into an independent and confident individual while preparing for needs beyond pre-school.

The program helps your child by:

  • Providing developmental and age appropriate activities.
  • Providing learning zones that help develop linguistic, logical-mathematical, bodily-kinaesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic skills.
  • Introducing spaces like home zones (Language, Math and Art), outdoor zones, role play, block zone and nature zones and help the child to be prepared for life outside preparatory school.

Explorers (Preparatory)

Age: 3 year onwards
Timings: 9am to 1pm

Your little one is exploring new things each day. Our approach to teaching this age as they navigate their world uses music, art, and movement while nurturing their progress toward preschool. This program helps bridge the transition between the established elementary knowledge attained during the Curious Tots program and advanced learning abilities. It focuses on building on the language ability, logical reasoning, numeric ability and scientific thought.

Innovators (Nursery)

Age: 4 year onwards
Timings: 9am to 1pm

With improved coordination and thinking, the world begins for pre-schoolers. Our program introduces language, math, science, and social skills in a natural sequence to nourish learning one step and a time, with individual attention suited to your child’s unique needs. The curriculum revolves around six pillars of development: Language and Literacy Development, Executive Function, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development and Wellness, Cognitive Development, Creative Expression

Little Visionaries (Kindergarten )

Age: 5 year onwards
Timings: 9am to 1pm

We have designed an academically rich program with standardized tests, and parent-teacher conferences. The  program is designed to give children a strong foundation in the skills and academic excellence that will be needed to enter regular school. The program helps develop physical, personal, social, emotional skills; literature and language skills; logical-mathematical skills; creative and expressive skills; and knowledge and understanding of the world. Our curriculum’s approach allows each child to explore reading, math, science, music, movement and field trips to meet our five frameworks of learning. It prepares children for first grade and beyond.


  • Ranjita BuzorboruahIt was our first time enrolling our daughter in preschool so we were nervous at first as she was just 2 and a half year old that time, but the teachers and the rest of the staff at ‘Peek a Boo’ are so incredible that they soon made us feel comfortable. Our daughter has been attending ‘Peek a Boo’ both Pre-School and day – care for nine months now and she absolutely loves it! The teacher’s and the staff’s friendly, nurturing and professional manner helped her settle into pre-school routines quickly. During this tenure, her skill in interpersonal relationships and communication has developed immensely. She’s becoming more social and learned each day. We are very thankful to have discovered ‘Peek a Boo’. The atmosphere and learning environment is optimal for all children. I can be at ease when she is at school knowing she is being taken care of, safe, and in a place that facilitates her future success.

    My child has learned a lot from the pre-school program. After she started at ‘Peek a Boo’, we saw changes in her independence and confidence. We feel extremely blessed to have found such a wonderful group of teachers and staff. ‘Peek a Boo’ always has great activities that continue to inspire children and their parents. She loves her friends and all the fun learning activities, they also participate in programs and activities that encourage them to engage, question and analyse the world around them, enriching their lives and forming a love for learning. ‘Peek a Boo’ is also a safe place for my child. I know that when I drop her off she’s going to have a great day and will be secured so there is no worry on my part. We are very pleased with the Montessori methods of teaching. We are truly delighted with how the children are embraced, nurtured, and supported by the staff and teachers in both classroom and in the day-care too. We hear stories from her often about the fun, adventures and learning and about her friends that she has experienced so far; reinforced by the photos and stories that are shared by the School authorities with us. We thank the staff enough for the wonderful experience they have provided for our child. It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for the School. Prerona, and her wonderful staff make each and every child feel special and unique whilst providing them with the special and academic skills needed as they make the transition from pre-school to “Big School”. This is exactly what I as a parent want for my child.

    I recommend ‘Peek a Boo’ in the highest of terms.

    Warm Regards
    Ranjita Buzorboruah

  • Jenifer YasminI did not put in much effort looking for a play school for my daughter. Circumstances were such that I couldn’t devote much time to this important task. Instead, I took the easy way out of choosing PEEK-A-BOO through word of mouth and social media, and most importantly for certain personal convenience.

    I kept feeling guilty because I thought I was not doing justice to my little girl. But certain chances you take turn out to be a blessing. This is one such chance that has been a blessing for us. It’s been 6 months now that our daughter is happily growing each day with lots of new experiences and we, as parents are extremely happy to see her growth.

    PEEK-A-BOO has given my child an atmosphere and a learning environment that is optimal for all young children. Interaction with my daughter convinces me that she is having a good time in School and I take solace in knowing that. All students receive individual attention and this puts me at ease because young children love attention that in turn helps them master many skills.

    PEEK-A-BOO’s curriculum involves over all growth in the children. The teaching methodology of learning through play is equipped with modern and unique tools.

    In the short tenure of pre-schooling that she has had, the school has exposed her to many activities, which she fondly talks about at home. She relates to such activities in her real life. Alongside, we are truly delighted with how Chaahat is embraced, nurtured, and supported by the staff and teachers. She was timid, shy and reluctant to go to school during her first few days. However, as days passed by, she would wake up in the morning and fondly get ready for school. She has evolved as a child. She is friendlier, initiates conversations and is at ease in social gatherings.

    As a working mother, it is very satisfying to see my daughter is cared for and is in safe hands. The way she is greeted in school in the morning when I go to drop her in the morning soothes my ears. The school’s effort in making the school campus as friendly and lively is also worth mentioning. From the beds the kids sleep in to the colorful furniture, it uplifts their mood and keeps the atmosphere joyful.

    Amidst clearing multiple files in Office, I often take the opportunity of connecting to her through the CCTV Camera and its online live streaming option. It is very thoughtful on the part of the School Administration to let us connect with our tiny tots this way.

    As Chaahat’s parents, we feel extremely blessed to have found such a wonderful group of teachers and staff, led by an extremely hospitable Founder Director for an incredible early childhood curriculum that engages and teaches at all steps of the day. We sincerely hope you continue to do amazing works of “heart” with all children with you and keep encouraging their dreams while nurturing their minds.

    Best wishes
    Jenifer Yasmin