Peekaboo aims to give over and above what other day-care or preschools provide.

  • Peekaboo has a very strong focus on developing children’s social and emotional intelligence so that the children are future-ready.
  • Peekaboo has specifically included experts in its advisory team so as to provide a holistic environment for children to grow in.
  • Peekaboo believes working together with parents and in supporting and empowering parents in their journeys. Peekaboo provides parent orientation and ongoing parental guidance via seminars and workshops.
  • In addition to the regular Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTM) Peekaboo offers individual consultation with our inhouse parenting coach.

Our Approach

Our approach to learning makes all the difference. Little minds are like sponge that absorbs all that is around. We have a unique way of encouraging children to become life-long learners. HenWe guide jj on the road to discovery with approved research-based standards and assessments along six developmental domains:

  1. Language and Literacy Development Involves children’s abilities to convey their ideas, thoughts and feelings through speaking and writing, and their ability to demonstrate early reading skills.
  2. Executive Function Focuses on the development of skills necessary for learning, such as self-regulation, attention, and persistence.
  3. Social and Emotional Development Support your child’s ability to express and regulate feelings and develop relations with others.
  4. Physical Development and Wellness Gives your child opportunities to build large and small muscle skills, strength, stamina, and knowledge needed to live a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Cognitive Development Supports the mental processes needed to think, make sense of the world and understand knowledge across different subjects.
  6. Creative Expression Helps your child creatively explore arts, movement, drama and music.


Our facilities complement our philosophy.

  1. Monitor your little one: We understand your apprehensions hence we are technologically equipped with security system where parents can monitor their child even when at home/office and be assured of their safety.
  2. Nutritious yet tasty food: Why compromise on the food when everything is the best. Home cooked food recommended by renowned paediatrician shall be provided to the little one to ensure healthy eating habits.
  3. Learning is fun: A child develops his/her personality at the tender age. We ensure that learning is encouraged through fun filled exercise.
  4. Every child is different: For every child is different hence developmental activities for all ages designed in consultation with paediatrician.
  5. Best teachers: Experienced and trained educators will constantly be around and aid the all-round development of the little stars.

  6. Learn and fun:A.V Room structured to make learning a happy experience.

  7. After school programs: After school program will let you feel relaxed when your child is engaged at different interesting play and home-work assistance.
  8. Outdoor play area: Outdoor play is great for encouraging children’s creativity and imagination. There are also numerous health benefits to playing outside.